President’s Speech
President’s Speech
Innovation for the Future

It is the very beginning of year 2017, a new start for ZC Rubber Group and the Chinese tire industry. I, on behalf of all the staffs and employees of ZC Rubber Group, shall say thank you to all our distributors, partners, and members of ZC Rubber family. Wish all of you will have a happy new year for 2017.

The passing 2016 witnessed great changes in the Chinese tire industry involved in tough competition as the weak global economy brought less demand on tires in the first 8 months. From September, China market recovered from the long-time weakness due to the increasing OE market demand brought by government policy adjustment reducing the pay load of truck and trailers. Then the low rubber and other raw materials inventories cannot meet the suddenly increasing demand of tires and the price of such raw materials is rocketing from the bottom.

In such a changing period, ZC Rubber family still achieved a great success with the support from all distributors and partners. In 2016, ZC Rubber remains as the No. 1 tire manufacturer in mainland China and No. 10 in the world. The output of radial truck tires reached nearly 15 million pcs with consumer tires over 26 million pcs. ZC Rubber is continuously pushing the globalization by establishing new overseas branches in South America and Europe besides the available North America branch and Thailand factory. ZC Rubber will focus on the customers’ demand and seize any business opportunity for our better future.

In 2017, ZC Rubber will continue to introduce valuable products with remarkable performance. The product upgrading covers not only the truck tires but also passenger car tires. ZC Rubber will study the market demand carefully, then recommend most suitable products to the consumers. Also, ZC Rubber invested millions of dollars on the R&D projects and started long-term R&D projects with leading universities and institutes in China and overseas. The R&D projects provide better solution for different road condition, pay load, and driving, ensuring that all end users has satisfactory experience when using ZC Rubber products. Safe and value will be always the commitment of ZC Rubber for today and for future.

In 2017, ZC Rubber will save the production cost by improving the IT system and introducing smart production. New IT software system and production automation as well as production robots have been invested during the past 2016 and will continue in 2017. The improvement will cover R&D, production, logistics, and aftermarkets adopting 39 projects, among which 24 projects are leading the domestic industry. The target of ZC Rubber IT and smart production is aiming at the reduction of production cost, the enhancement of production efficiency, the upgrading of product quality, and finally to strengthen the competitiveness of ZC Rubber and to build up ZC Rubber as one of the leading worldwide tire manufacturer.

In 2017, ZC Rubber will pay more attention on environment protection during the production and develop new generation of green tires. ZC Rubber is now introducing Nitrogen for tire curing instead of steam. The change helps to save millions of dollars cost and reduce the emission of greenhouse gas by over 10%. Also, ZC Rubber products received the SMARTWAY verification from EPA (United States Environment Protection Agency) and show improved rolling resistance labels for both passenger car and truck tires in Europe market. In the future,  ZC Rubber will devote to the development of new products with low rolling resistance, the reduction of hazardous materials, and the clean air emission.

In 2017, ZC Rubber will cooperate with global partners and distributors to increase the market shares in both domestic and international market. Besides the introduction of suitable and valuable products, ZC Rubber will support the brand promotion and retailer stores in global market. Furthermore, ZC Rubber’s overseas subsidiaries will offer prompt and effective aftersales service to enhance the customers’ satisfaction.  In addition, ZC Rubber will set up new logistic system and arrange direct shipment to most of locations designated by local distributors to save the transportation cost.

Generally, the changing market keeps on bringing great challenges and competition for all the ZC Rubber family members. However, ZC Rubber will always support all our distributors and partners to expand the market shares and increase the sales by valuable products and reasonable cost, by brand image and promotion, and by quick response to the customer demands. As the leading Chinese manufacturer, ZC Rubber will also focus on the social responsibility and environment protection. ZC Rubber will differentiate itself from the other competitors and build up the premium brand image in global market. Finally, ZC Rubber wishes all distributors and partners will have a fruitful 2017 and a better future.   

ZC Rubber Group Chairman & President Jinrong Shen