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ZC Rubber has supported the operation of SPMT

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ZC Rubber has supplied Chaoyang CL403 355/65-15 for Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) produced by Wanshan Special Vehicle in Hubei, China.

SPMTs are used for transporting massive objects such as large bridge sections, oil refining equipment, motors and other objects that are too big or heavy for trucks. Chaoyang equipped SPMT made by Wanshan is a platform vehicle with 300 tires and more than 1,000 tons on transport capacity. With the most advanced technology, the SPMT has transported 5000 tons boat of China coast guard successfully, which make a new record on the transport capacity in Asia.

The demand of tires that Wanshan Special Vehicle told is high performance and transport capacity to support the SPMT operation. ZC Rubber’s engineer Zheng Bin was in charge of the project to provide target tires for SPMT. After serial of tests, ZC Rubber achieved the Chaoyang CL403 355/65-15, which has 12 tons capacity, and totally approved by Wanshan for their SPMT.

Chaoyang CL403 355/65-15 is special designed solid tire with high-load and move on the ground flexibility. The wear resistant layer of tire reaches nearly 60mm and service life is estimated more than 2000 hours. “Developing SPMT in China helps reduce the cost for transporting loads by millions of dollars. We are proud to offer premium products for Wanshan to meet their demands and support them operate the SPMT. We will further explore on the different performance tires target with different customers. ”