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ZC Rubber hosts global partner conference in Hangzhou

July 17th (Hangzhou, China) — ZC Rubber hosted its global partner conference at Hangzhou headquarters and celebrates its 60th anniversary .More than 1000 partners from all over the world gather and witness the growing of ZC Rubber.

Looking back on 60 years of ZC Rubber, Shen Jinrong, president of ZC Rubber, expresses the sincere gratitude to all the partners’ support during the past 60 years. He introduced the company story of ZC Rubber: how to grow into top 10 global tire manufacturer. “At the beginning, we produced rubber shoes, two-wheel tire, and expanded products covering PCR, OTR, TBR, agricultural tire and Industrial tire. From Zhejiang’s Wangjiangmen to Xiasha, Jiande, Fuyang, Anji and Thailand, ZC Rubber’s products are spreading worldwide now. ”

“When 30 years ago, I walked in this factory, it was very small, with limited sizes to offer, But today, ZC Rubber, is biggest tire manufacturers in mainland China and biggest producer of TBR in the world, because of quality, consistent regular supply and innovation in the tire industry.” Aziz Rakla, the president of Rakla Tires, said. He has witnessing 30-year development of ZC Rubber in the global market.

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Ge Guorong, vice president of ZC Rubber, shared that company development can be divided into three stages: Chinese market only; expanding the international markets; globalization.

In the new globalization stage, , Shen Jinrong shared that in his speech “We must change “follow-up” into “transcendence” in R&D and production, and put the internet technology, data analysis and Cloud analysis into tire manufacturer and service market for smart production and services.”

“Now we meet the new customer demand quickly & effectively and supply thousands of SKUs, covering over 95% vehicles. We also provide mobile service and smart tire system for customers to perfect the service.” Ge Guorong said.

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On the conference, ZC Rubber also signed the strategic cooperation with Jilin University who has national experiment focusing on automobile industry simulation and control. And Famous expert in automobile design and research, Academician of China Engneering Academy and Also ZC Rubber United, industrious, eyes on future and cooperation are the key words of ZC Rubber family. “Everything we do is for customers and satisfies customers with products service & value. We also seek for mutual benefit cooperation with partners and expect to experience more 60 years with all our partners. ” 

hosted the smile ride charity relay ceremony to help more children with cleft lip/palate in China and In the future, as Aziz Rakla say, “make the tree (ZC Rubber’s logo is a rubber tree) stronger together, which gives us the fruit and we all should sincerely support ZC Rubber”, and ZC Rubber is committed to be one of the most respected tire manufacturers and push human being to move forward.

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